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Italian Varietal

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Produced from a meticulous selection of our finest Italian olive trees, our Italian Varietal Olive Oil pairs rich, expansive Old World charm with the vibrant purity of fruit ripened in the rich soils and warm sunshine of the Napa Valley. We invite you to explore the lively, generous flavors of our expressive Italian Varietal Olive Oil.

2017 Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil 370ML

2017 Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil 370ML

BEST IN CLASS at 2018 New York International Olive Oil Competition  
Round Pond's Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from a medley of olive trees grown on the estate, hand-harvested at the initial stage of ripeness, and crushed individually by varietal. To capture the fresh and lively, green Tuscan flavors of the olives, we blend in small lots. Assertive and robust, our Italian Olive Oil is the perfect finishing oil for salads and vegetables. 

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