Round Pond Estate

Blood Orange Syrup

At Round Pond, we believe in being good stewards of our land and using our ingredients wisely. While crafting our acclaimed Blood Orange Olive Oil, using the rinds of California grown citrus fruits, we found ourselves with an abundance of vibrant, fresh-squeezed blood orange juice. Our delicious solution – the pure essence of Blood Orange Citrus Syrup.

Blood Orange Citrus Syrup 200ml

Blood Orange Citrus Syrup 200ml

Offering unmistakable color, and filled with the unique orange-raspberry and spice flavors derived from premium blood oranges. Drizzle over cheese, crepes, ice cream and waffles. Create sodas, orangeade, and sorbet. Add zip to glazes, iced tea, and cocktails. Drop some into a glass of bubbles for an outstanding Bellini, or mix it into your next cocktail for that heady blood orange flavor.

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