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Meyer Lemon Syrup

A delicious addition to our line of gourmet specialty foods, our Meyer Lemon Citrus Syrup continues our tradition of making great products from the natural bounty of the Napa Valley. Using the juice of fresh-squeezed Meyer lemons, believed to be a cross between the standard lemon and a Mandarin orange - we have crafted our sweet and satisfying Meyer Lemon Citrus Syrup.

Meyer Lemon Syrup 200ML

Meyer Lemon Syrup 200ML

Filled with the singular luscious flavor of premium Meyer lemons, this artisan syrup is the perfect complement to an array of food and beverages. Drizzle over cheese, crepes, ice cream and waffles. Create sodas, lemonade, and sorbet. Add zip to glazes, iced tea, and cocktails. Explore the possibilities!

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